1. Watch your hairline and loosen up
Do you wear a wig that looks like it’s eating your forehead? Do you wear hair styles that are so tight you need to take an aspirin to soothe the discomfort? It’s not a good look to wear a wig that looks like its eating your forehead or wear weaves that are so tight that your eyebrows stay raised in a perpetually surprised look. And besides being a bad look, it is also one of the quickest ways to strip your hairline. Every time you remove that wig, you’re stripping hair right out of your follicles- which equals permanent hair loss. So if you want to rock a weave/wig and not look a hot mess or go bald in the process, avoid tight styles, gluing a wig directly to your hair line, and get a wig with a realistic hairline.


2. Take care of your weave as if it were your own
You can’t just get a weave, wig, or whatever, nonchalantly slap it on your head, and allow it to gradually end up looking like a ratty birds nest. It’s crazy how some women initially pay so much money to end up looking a mess. If you’re going to wear a weave/wig, you should be as meticulous as you would have been without it. Wrap your hair at night. Be good to it. Brush it. Comb it. Style it. Even though it’s not your actual hair, it’s still a product that needs to be taken care of and maintained.


3) Regularly shampoo and condition
I cannot stress enough that regular shampooing and conditioning is a very important part of weave and wig maintenance. It’s not healthy or hygienic to go longer than 1 week without washing your hair and weave/wig. Buildup of hair products and bacteria, can lead to mild and even serious scalp infections, which can also lead to hair loss. And if you’re fortunate not to get an infection, there is the embarrassment of having smelly hair. I’ve heard many men complain about meeting a fly woman that completely turned them off because of her hair’s musty smell. Don’t let this happen to you. Ladies, you may not care about or even notice the smell of your own hair- but trust me, the handsome man who wants to get close to you will.



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